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Fencing Components

Our fencing components are ideal for timber and builder merchants and suppliers, as well as for businesses dealing with large quantities of fencing materials. Our products are available in standard Imperial and metric measurements and lengths.

  • Species: whitewood or redwood
  • Treatment: Unseasoned UC3 or KD UC4 treated green or brown
  • Size: any, typical metric sections are 22mm x 100mm, 22mm x 125mm, and 22mm x 150mm
  • Length: any, typical metric lengths are 0.9m, 1.05m, 1.2m, 1.35m, 1.5m, 1.65m, 1.8m, and 2.4m

Note: we also offer discounted 32mm x 175mm feather edge boards, which are ideal for cladding garden, barn, or exterior structures.

Fence Rails:

  • Species: redwood or whitewood
  • Treatment: UC3 treated green or brown
  • Arris Rail:  square or scarf ended 75mm x 75mm; lengths 1.83m, 2.4m, 3.0m
  • Cant Rails: 47mm x 125mm; length 1.83m, 2.4m, 2.7m and 3m
  • Square Rails: 38mm x 87mm, 38mm x 100mm; lengths: 2.4m and 3.6m


  • Quality: excellent
  • 6-sided panel capping
  • Treatment: untreated or UC3 green or brown
  • Size: 25mm x 50mm  and 38mm x 65mm; lengths: 1.83m and 3.0m

Gravel Boards:

  • Species: redwood or whitewood
  • Treatment: UC3 treated green or brown
  • Dimensions: 22mm x 150mm; lengths 1.83m, 2.1m, 2.4m, 2.7m, 3.0m, and 3.6m

Other Fencing Materials:

  • Panel Slats: single and double waney or square edged
  • Battens: whitewood cut to suit your requirement
  • General Fencing Timbers: 22mm x 75mm, 22mm x 100mm, 47mm x 75mm, 47mm x 100mm, and 47mm x 150mm
  • Featheredge: 22mm x 100mm, 22 x 125mm and 22mm x 150mm
  • Sawn Pales: 19mm x 75mm
  • Galvanised Welded Mesh: 30m rolls
  • Angle Iron Stakes 


Get in Touch

Contact MJG Timber Ltd with your fencing requirements and we will be happy to work closely with you to determine the optimal load quantity. We can deliver via fully articulated lorry load, full rigid lorry load, half-load, mixed load, and discuss pack quantities as well.


fence panels

We are able to supply fence panels from a British family manufacturer with excellent quality and reliable lead times.

Fence Panels

Do you manufacture your own fences? We have the answer so why not try some?

  • Waney Panels Brown or gold dipped (25ppp) with framing 38mm x 16mm with a 50mm x 19mm top and bottom rail
  • Feather Edge Panels, Brown or Gold Dipped (25/30ppp)
  • Flat Top, Bow or Dome Trellis
  • Picket Fencing


We are able to supply gates from two British family manufacturers with excellent quality and reliable lead times.

Gate Making Material

Do you manufacture your own gates? Need more stable material? We have the answer so why not try some?

  • 5th Redwood Planed Ex 50mm x 200mm – finished to 50mm x 100mm
  • Lengths available 3.9m and 4.2m

Heavy Duty Gates and Frames:

  • Heavy duty gates and frames made to last, excellent quality, UK manufactured.
  • Framed Ledged and Braced using 45mm x 95mm rebated and mortised stiles
  • 32mm x 150mm rails and braces, saddle back capping to finish
  • Size 1.8m x 0.9m
  • Treated Frames only or complete with featheredge cladding
  • Pressure treated green or brown
  • Minimum delivery 1 pack (20 pieces) – 3 packs (60 pieces) attracts free delivery
  • Other sizes available upon request, bespoke sizes to your specific requirement.
    4m and 3.6m

“Meeth” Rough Sawn Diamond Brace Gates (1.2m High)

  • Manufactured using home grown Douglas Fir / Larch mix and pressure treated prior to assembly.
  • 75mm x 100mm chamfered square top heads and chamfered top rail, various shuttles and braces sizes.
  • Ideal for agricultural and equestrian use. Not advised for driveways.
  • These gates are not handed and can be hung from either end.

Par “Rolle” Diamond Brace Gates (1.2m High)

  • Manufactured using kiln dried, planed-all-round Scandinavian softwood and pressure treated prior to assembly.
  • Ex. 75mm x 100mm round top heads and top rail with eased edges, ex/ various sizes of shuttles and braces with eased edges.
  • Ideal for agricultural, equestrian and domestic use.
  • These gates are not handed and can be hung from either end – You carry less stock!

Hazel & Willow Hurdles

Our hazel and willow hurdles are sourced from excellent quality European producer. We also carry framed willow panels.

  • Product: hazel hurdles, willow hurdles, framed willow panels
  • Size: 6′ x 3′, 6′ x 4′, 6′ x 5′, 6′ x 6′
  • Pack lots: 1-3 pack and 4+ pack options available
  • Order quantity: 25 panels per pack
  • Please see current prices here

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