A Wealth of Experience  Supplying England, Scotland, and Wales with quality timber for over 40 years

Reliable and Consistent  Our supply chain strategy ensures that clients receive reliable and consistent deliveries

Made to Measure  Supplier of top-quality timber to meet our clients’ bespoke needs

Leading Supplier of Specialised Quality Timber Products

MJG Timber Ltd is an industry-leading bulk distributor of quality timber products, such as railway sleepers and machine round timber stakes. We are able to provide these products in a wide range of quantities and according to your desired specifications, thanks to our broad range of product types.

If you are unsure of which timber product is right for you, we are here to help! Visit our product pages for more information on our range, including new and used railway sleepers and machine round timber stakes. Send us an enquiry if you would like us to work closely with you to find bespoke solutions that meet your needs.

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MJG Timber Ltd is a leading supplier of quality timber products, such as railway sleepers and machine round timber in the British Isles. For over 40 years, we’ve been sourcing quality, sustainable timber from the finest sawmills in the UK and Europe to wholesalers and suppliers within England, Scotland, and Wales.

Our business is committed to building lasting relationships built on trust and a customer-centric approach to timber trading. We understand that wholesalers and suppliers often have specific needs that need to be met, such as reliable lead times, specific quantities, and great prices to maintain healthy profit margins. That is why MJG Timber Ltd offers bespoke solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

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  • Leader in Railway Sleepers and Machine Rounds: We specialise in the distribution of new and used railway sleepers and machine round timber
  • Efficient Supply Chain: Our supply chain is agile, adaptable, and aligned with the needs of customers
  • Competitive Pricing: As a bulk distributor sourcing from trusted sawmills, we minimise costs of operation and logistics
  • Environmental Sustainability: We are FSC® and PEFC™-certified and committed to sourcing environmentally-sustainable timber and protecting the world’s forests

Scope of Operations

We operate everywhere in England, Scotland, and Wales from our offices in Colchester, Essex. Our quality timber comes from reputable sawmills in the UK and Europe, and complies with BSI standards as well as European standards. You can rest assured that your timber is not only environmentally sustainable but also safe and legal to pass onto the end customer.

As a bulk distributor of timber in the British Isles, our timber agency operates logistically by means of half loads all the way up to fleets of fully-articulated lorries for large deliveries. Consequently, our services are intended for wholesalers and suppliers of timber products rather than construction contractors or homebuilders and the general public, for example.



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MJG Timber Ltd – Your quality Timber Agency in the UK

The cornerstone of our business model is to source the finest quality timber products directly from sawmills to meet the bespoke needs of our supplier partners. In order to achieve this, we require a relationship built on trust, integrity, and honesty. We believe that our operations demonstrate all three of these qualities.

We understand that choosing a bulk quality timber supplier can be a challenge. That is why in addition to our customer-centric approach to providing timber solutions, we are also focussed on providing results that speak for themselves.

This includes reliable and consistent lead times, accurate quotes and fair pricing, and adherence to standards to ensure that you’re getting legal, sustainable timber.

our commitment to the quality of our products and the environment

MJG Timber Ltd are active members of the Timber Development UK and its Responsible Purchasing Policy satisfying their strict criteria and maintaining the high standard necessary to warrant membership. MJG Timber Ltd adhere to this policy which ensures that our quality timber is not only credible and legal, but sourced from sustainable resources.

We are also FSC & PEFC Certified.


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